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"The ‘Instagram Generation’ now experiences the present as an anticipated memory"

Professor Daniel Kahneman

Psychologist and Noble Prize Winner

28. August 2014

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley

2. June 2014

I am the impossible.

I am the blank page to start from scratch.

I am what no one believed.

A vision, a dream, a crazy idea.

I’m millions of questions.

The endless search for answers that no one has found before.

Try, error, try, error, try, again and again.

I’m emerging, I’m growing, I’m getting there.

Look at me!

I am the victory over fear, over doubt, over reason, I am proof that there is no impossible.

I am the possible.

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"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn."

Orson Welles